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FREE B-B-Q and You Are Invited!

Friday, September 6th, 2013

E.A.T.S. – Everyone Acting Together in Solidarity is holding its 2nd Annual Free BBQ on Saturday, September 14th from 1-5 pm. at the Old Kiwanis Park off Est Market Street in Johnson City. And it is free to you, but a donation to help the cause will be appreciated.

The groups main focus is on ending hunger “Together We Can End World Hunger..A World Without Hunger is Possible”. However, this year they are also seeking to rally local support to help retail and fast food workers get decent wages by rallying for “A Living Wage is a Moral Value..Families Can’t Survive on $7.25. ”

I don’t know where you stand on the issue, but let’s connect the dots. As a country we have outsourced a staggering amount of production to other countries, depleting our own base manufacturing jobs in the process. With unemployment stuck at a level that seems to not budge, more and more workers in retail and fast food are adults with families to support. There goes jobs for youth and young adults. Retail and fast food workers earning $7.25 cannot support a family and are forced to seek government aid and subsidies, not because they want to, but because they have to supplement low wages.

Retail and fast food workers earning a higher base wage would stimulate their local economies by being able to afford more of the necessities without government or non-profit assistance. That in turn generates demand; demand for base manufacturing goods and that means more base jobs. If we would wean ourselves from reliance on cheap overseas labor and pay just a little more for USA made goods, it would be a win/win for all. The dots are there to connect, think about it. By insisting that everything be done on the cheap, we are only hurting ourselves. It’s a vivious circle and a downward spiral.

Please come and support E.A.T.S. and get behind their efforts to achieve a more just and equal worker economy. You can visit them at

Hope to see you next Saturday.