Carter Democratic Party Launches Proactive Campaign

The Carter County Democratic Party has launched a proactive campaign to build its base and to define itself rather than letting others do the defining. Citing a need to make the Democratic brand one that “closet” Democrats are will to be associated with, County Chair Ramon Sanchez-Vinas said conditions are right to make northeast Tennessee a must do stop for future political campaigns by Democratic contenders; we can be competitive. The time is ideal for bringing these forces together; that starts with reminding the public what Democrats has accomplished in the past, and by absence, what Republicans have not.

Sanchez-Vinas says “I am tired of hearing Democrats say that fear there vehicle will be vandalized or they will be frowned upon if their neighbors know they are a Democrat. This is supposed to be a democracy and the vindictive crowd needs to get over it and work toward a government that can work for everyone, not just the privileged or connected.Democrats have been responsible for most of the middle and working class gains and social protections during the past 75 years. We need to remind the public of  who we are and what we stand for on a wide range of issues”.

Persons  interested in running for future political office as a Democrat are encouraged to contact the party now and to meet with leaders to discuss their plans and to build a coalition to help them. That is one element of the outreach initiative; finding and nurturing viable candidates we can support.

Regionally, devoted Democrats have been meeting on a regular weekly basis at the Democrat Resource Center to build a multi-county coalition that can get things done. The Democrat Resource Center has been instrumental in developing positions on key legislative programs, hosting educational forums and the recent senatorial candidate debate, and raising funds for media initiatives to support candidates and issues.

Persons wanting to get involved or stay involved are encouraged to regular visit to find out about meetings and updated happenings. We can be contacted via the website. Persons wanting to help us financially can do so by donating through  the ActBlue link at the top of the website.


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