SOS (Save Our Schools) to Be Launched in NE Tennessee

Public education and teachers are under attack! Action steps are underway to help public education, teachers and local systems turn the tide on attacks against them.  A group of concerned citizens has been meeting regularly to research, strategize, and develop a plan to help protect, improve our public education system, and restore public respect  and support for Tennessee public schools.

Beginning with presentations to local school governing bodies, the group, under the banner SOS… for Save Our Schools,  hopes to bring awareness to the issue of for profit on-line education legislation passed by the Tennessee General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Haslem in 2011  as HR 1030 “The Virtual Public School Act”. The group is seeking an active, informed and open debate about the issues surrounding the origins of that legislation; the lack of understanding about its current and long term  impact on local schools funding; concerns about the effectiveness of for-profit on-line education as evidenced by poor enrollee test scores; and the potential long term undermining of traditional public education in Tennessee as a result of revenue being siphoned off from local school systems who do not even know what is happening. Local legislators who voted for the legislation will also be taken to task for passing legislation with minimal public input or debate. 

The group contends some groups and individuals have been implicitly implementing a “Four D’s Plan for Education-Demonize, Demean, Degrade, and Defund” public schools and hand taxpayer dollars over to profit driven out of state corporations. Save Our Schools contends education is not a public service that should be given over to corporation profit motives that have as their first priority maximizing shareholder returns.

Plans are to roll the initiative out statewide working thorugh all school boards and make it a building block of Tennessee Democrat platform and “Building A Stronger Middle Class”.

Save Our Schools Seeks Informed Public Debate

Save Our Schools Seeks Informed Public Debate

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