Democrat Decries Health Care Debate on “Death Panels”

Judy Garland, of Johnson City and active Democrat, recently had this letter to the editor printed in the February 25, 2011 issue of the Elizabethton Star:

In response to your editorial by Cal Thomas in the Jan. 7 edition of the Elizabethton Star.

How could it not be a beneficial compassionate change to allow Medicare to compensate doctors or approved counselors who use their wisdom and experience to counsel dying patients and their families who request their help with end-of-life concerns? There has to be an ulterior motive, certainly beyond my understanding, for anyone to characterize such a service as a provision for death panels.

Nothing constructive has come from those months during the health care debate when the airways were saturated with embarassing nonsense about death panels and killing granny. It’s hurtful, extreme language which doesn’t merit reviving.

I don’t understand the need to distract us from that with foolish talk of fanciful, non-existent death panels when, yearly, tens of thousands of our countrymen already suffer, even die, from lack of care. The insurance industry imposes its own cruel brand of death panels that scream for our attention.

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One Response to “Democrat Decries Health Care Debate on “Death Panels””

  1. Nate Rector Says:

    I also don’t believe in death squads.However I don’t like being fined either because I can’t afford healthcare.
    Obama act like surely everyone can buy healthcare.He has lost touch with the lower income people.
    Yes I’m a Democrat.

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